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We are passionate about creating and developing digital products. Sports, Nutrition and Health are the areas were our strengths and knowledge usually find the perfect leverage

running.COACH is a tailor-made online / mobile training schedule for runners. It guides the user with experts advices for every training and adapts as the training progresses. The program got developed 2010 and is with + 100’000 users one of the biggest in Europe. More info

2PEAK is a trainingplatform for triathletes, cyclists and runners. Based on artificial intelligence it generates an individual training for the user taking into account the users strength/weaknesses and time schedule. IRONMAN World Champion Sebastian Kienle is one of the co-developers.

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viRACE is the app for virtual endurance sports, especially running competitions around the world. Runners run at home on their home laps with and against friends and other runners at a distance. Voice messages always provide the latest interim rankings. So you are always informed about your own progress and also receive funny and exciting news about the current competition.
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step.COACH is a virtual walking competition. Participants measure the steps walked/run by using a pedometer and, at the end of the day, transfer them to the step.COACH program. Those steps take you along a virtual.  More Info

Competence in cooking
On behalf of our client LEMENU, we develop and maintain website, the recipe database and e-shop.
LEMENU is a multimedia network with an online portal, e-paper and a bilingual magazine with a high circulation. LE MENU is the largest independent cooking magazine in Switzerland.

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